We are ...

... SALDIA CONSULTING. The entrenched accounting & consulting company with 20 years of experience in the Czech and EU economies. Besides the joy of warm human contact we infuse our clients with the absolute satisfaction of careful tax optimization, lucid, confirmative and legislatively unblemished bookkeeping and freedom from the other boring enterpreneurial auxiliaries.

We perfectly handle:

* All types of bookkeeping agendas

* Payroll and cost acounting

* Tax optimization

* Economical processes management

* Emergency management

* Czech and foreign trade consultancies

We communicate:

By the phone: +420 737 222 106

In written form: info@saldia.cz

Face to face: Kotkova 271/6, 703 00 Ostrava

We can also cope with:

* Liquidation processes 

* Controlling

* Client representation in front of Authorities 

* Legislative and investment consultancies

* Annoying paperwork you don’t want to deal with

* Resistance against criminal billionaires in Czech government